Select your treatment.  Enter your appointment location and billing information. Complete your Health History form to be reviewed by one of our licensed physicians. Our Team arrives at the scheduled time. You relax in the privacy of your home, office, or hotel.

It varies depending on your specific treatment, but most treatments are completed within 30 to 60 minutes.

Many health plans may reimburse for IV services on request. If you have a health spending account, you may be able to use this to cover the cost of a portion, or all, of your IV treatment.  An invoice for our services can be provided for you to submit to your insurance company.  Just send an email to our customer service team. 

The IV solutions are formulated with a blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants mixed in a balanced salt solution (i.e.  normal saline). We source our ingredients from a variety of reputable Canadian medical suppliers and pharmacies. 

Almost anyone. Patients with certain medical conditions may not be appropriate for our treatment. After booking an appointment, your health history will be reviewed to ensure you are a candidate for your selected treatment. IV’s are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding patients, however, if you are pregnant we request that you consult with your obstetrician regarding the safety of IV treatments.

Mild side effects during the treatment, such as a “head rush” or warm sensation may occur with certain ingredients. Following your treatment, a small bruise may occur at the site of the needle insertion.

The frequency of IV treatments should be tailored to your specific health concerns and goals. For some individuals, this can mean weekly or biweekly IV’s for a specific period of time, whereas others may only need a boost to support optimal nutrient levels every few months. Consult with our registered medical professionals about the optimal regimen for you. 

Our team is composed of licensed medical professionals that have over three vears of I.V. placement and infusion experience. We use a pediatric size I.V. so at most vou may feel a tin pinch. We also offer pre-IV topical pain creams or patches to minimize discomfort. 

We provide service for private parties (large and small) in almost any setting. We also offer special discounts for large groups. Please visit our contact page and include your group size and event details. A member from our team will contact you right away.

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