How It Works

Simplified Wellness, Tailored to You


ZipDrip offers a seamless and luxurious IV therapy experience, designed to fit effortlessly into your lifestyle.


1. Select Your Package: Choose from our physician-designed selection of IV therapy packages. Each package is crafted to target specific health goals, from boosting energy to enhancing overall wellness.


2. Health Screening: Before your session, our team conducts a brief review of your medical history, ensuring the chosen package is suitable and safe for you.


3. Convenient Treatment: A professional registered nurse administers your selected IV therapy at your preferred location—be it your home, office, or hotel room—providing comfort and privacy.


4. Physician Oversight: Throughout the process, our experienced physicians oversee your treatment, maintaining the highest standards of care.


5. Personal Follow-Up: After your session, we offer a follow-up consultation to discuss your experience and address any further health needs.

6. At ZipDrip, discover the ease of enhancing your health with our array of specialized IV therapy packages, all in the comfort and luxury of your chosen environment. Welcome to a world where health and luxury meet.