Is IV Therapy Right For Me?


Our IV treatments are more than just a health trend. 

IV drips treat a wide variety of conditions from dehydration to illnesses to anti-aging and more. Each type of therapy uses a specially-formulated recipe of ingredients that contains the ideal types and amounts of vitamins for the condition being treated.


Athletic Performance 

  • The physical demands of training and competition lead to increased nutrient requirements and quicker depletion of essential elements.
  • infusions are specifically designed for high-performing athletes to effectively replenish vital nutrients
  • aiding in prolonged endurance, faster recovery, and reduced muscle fatigue. 
  • Suitable for recovery or preparation for competitions 


Immune Support 

  • Reduce recovery period from acute infections 
  • Prevent recurrent coughs and colds
  • Support the body in dealing with persistent post-viral symptoms 


Cognitive Enhancement 

  • Enhance mental clarity, focus and productivity for students and professionals working in cognitively demanding fields
  • Reduce risk of age-related development of cognitive impairment 



  • Counteract the effects of daily exposures to a wide range of toxins found in personal care and cleaning products, polluted air, food and it’s packaging, and many other sources
  • Optimize antioxidant status to enhance the body’s own detoxification capabilities 


Weight Loss

  • Optimize levels of key nutrients involved in metabolism 
  • Supercharge your mitochondria with vital cofactors for optimal fat burning 


Mood and Stress

  • Support neurotransmitter balance with key nutrients and amino acids required for synthesis of serotonin, dopamine and GABA 


Skin and Hair

  • Give your body the building blocks needed to maintain a youthful complexion 
  • Antioxidants fight the signs of stress that show up as wrinkles and sagging skin 
  • Amino acids and vitamins promote healthy production of collagen 



  • Adequate hydration is key for maintaining stable energy levels
  • Optimal ratios of electrolytes keep water in the blood vessels